Monday, March 8, 2010

Squips and Etsy

Two new things of note:

1. I had mentioned recently that a new variety of feep has emerged. I've decided it's probably called a "squip," unless it later turns out to be called something else (sorta like brontosaurus and apatosaurus). "Squid whip" is what I'm thinkin' here.

2. I'm going to be migrating the online feep store over to Etsy, and have begun the process by listing the newest batch of feeps on there. You can find the feep Etsy store at Simple enough, no?

Basically, I'm hoping Etsy's craft show vs. eBay's flea market will ultimately prove a better fit for the feeps. I'm sorry to leave my eBay rating behind and have to start again from scratch, but that's not a compelling enough reason in the end. So! We shall see how it goes.

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